Trygve - the app for communities

The free tool that empowers people to work together and combat crime

What is Trygve?

TrygveĀ is a specially designed digital environment where people can collaborate in their communities.

Local residents, Neighbourhood Watch groups, organisations and police can all work together to support each other and combat crime.

The free Trygve app is available on iOS and Android devices, as well as computers. Download the free Trygve app now to start exploring its extensive features!

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Why Trygve?

Leading UK community safety experts, including Neighbourhood Watch and police, understand the need for a community-focused digital platform that is safe, accessible and allows users to collaborate with each other and local authorities.

Trygve supports the needs of a community by enabling everyone to communicate with each other in real time, like never before.

How can Trygve help?

Trygve in your neighbourhood

Learn how Trygve can provide an online, interactive 'community watch' for you and your neighbourhood.

Trygve and your personal safety

Learn how Trygve has you covered when you or your loved ones feel vulnerable.

Connected communities

Learn how Trygve is connecting UK communities, including the work of Neighbourhood Watch and local police.

Organisations in Trygve

Your organisation has great ways of reaching out, responding to and interacting with those in your local area using Trygve.