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Trygve vs Social Media

November 8th 2017

“We have a Facebook group - why should we use Trygve?”

Neighbourhoods often use social media for many things like recommendations, local events and even safety. Because of this, communities often feel reluctant to “learn another app"...

...but Trygve is not a social media platform and it's effective use for safety is clear.

Here's a few key differences:

Trygve is location based

A big difference is the Trygve map and location functionality. Events get pinned to specific locations, not news feeds (eg. Fire at 31 Roman road, Biggleswade, Bedfordshire) and Trygve alerts anyone near the affected area.

public users

Trygve goes beyond friendship circles

Groups do work brilliantly, but using Trygve allows you to communicate with any user near your location without the need for a group.

For example: if you’re visiting Birmingham, you probably wouldn’t think to join the local FB group to stay on top of local hazards. However, public Trygve events in Birmingham will be visible to you and you have the ability to alert nearby Birmingham users if you find yourself in trouble. Through Trygve, people don’t need to be introduced before being able to help each other.

Trygve involves police

Police forces can't be represented in social media groups, even if a Facebook group operates well. But police are getting involved in Trygve, thanks to its safety focus, functionality and ability to authenticate police officers. Trygve is designed to be hyper-local, which allows effective collaboration between police and residents.

Read how local police and residents are working together here

Trygve is the new 101

We’ve seen many communities of police and residents use Trygve in place of 101. Antisocial behaviours are logged in Trygve, rather than residents spending hours on hold to 101. Police officers build cases based on information logged in Trygve and can issue arrests based on the great work of residents.

Read some success stories here

(This method must be led by local police - get in touch with yours to get started)

These are only some of the differences - so many more can be found in the Trygve app or computer portal!

Social media groups are great for getting to know your neighbours and being part of your local dialogue. But when it comes to safety, there is a better solution. Download Trygve (its free) and start using it in your neighbourhood today.

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