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Get started guide

Thank you for wanting to join the community movement to build a stronger, safer society - we're so pleased you've chosen Trygve to help you achieve this.

So, what now? Here's a few steps to get you started using Trygve.

1. Download the app

Trygve is available via the App Store for iOS devices (that's your iPhones and iPads) and Google Play Android devices. Visit the store relevant to you and download Trygve to your device. A scaled-down version of Trygve is also available on your computer - click here.


2. Register as a user

Once downloaded, open the Trygve app and follow the prompts to register as a new user. You can register using Facebook, or manually enter your email address and name. Don't forget you will need to verify your email address in order to use Trygve!

3. How do I use the app?

We have made you a tutorial going over the basics of the app. The English tutorial covers the map, how to contribute to posted events, how to create an event, your feed, how to create and join groups, the personal safety alarm, notifications and account settings.

4. Invite your friends to join Trygve

Trygve aims to establish a community culture where citizens look out for each other and take responsibility for their community's perseverance. In order to achieve this effectively, many active users need to be involved. Invite your friends and family, neighbours or colleagues to download Trygve. Ask your local police forces to be involved, talk to your local council and inform local neighbourhood watch groups about the Trygve app tool.

A4 Flyer for communities

We have drummed up a one-pager all about Trygve being available in your community that can be printed off, filled out and pinned to a notice board or distributed via a mail drop. Be sure to write the name of your Trygve group so new users can join a group straight away!

Download A4 Trygve Flyer for communities

5. Start collaborating

Actively look at events posted around you and see what you can do to help out in a situation. You'll be surprised at how often your insight or support can have a positive effect on a situation. Also start creating groups with your family and friends, or join/create groups in your neighbourhood that you want to be involved in. Should your street have it's own group so fellow neighbours can keep an eye out for each other's houses? Do you have a parents club that could benefit from using Trygve? Are you in a Neighbourhood and does it have a Trygve group?

Remember, we are always here to help you. If you have any questions, you may find your answers in our FAQ section, or you can visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with one of the members of Team Trygve.